The Purpose of Purpose

The Purpose of Purpose

Organizations that follow a clear purpose are 5 times more productive, have exceeded the S&P index 17 times (!) between 1998 and 2013 and retain their employees three times better than other companies. They develop better in all relevant key figures than companies that "only" follow a clear strategy and clear goals!
It is directly comprehensible, but meanwhile also scientifically proven: "Human2Human" is more powerful than "B2B" or "B2C".

However, a purpose must not be reduced and misused only as a more effective channel to the customer. Customers notice this and resent it. Purpose must be developed and anchored in three additional fields: corporate culture, human resources and corporate innovation.

This is how the development of a defined purpose and then above all the implementation is to be understood as a kickoff and a process for a consistent company development - in the course of which the spectacular results described above can be achieved.

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